Blue Earth Diagnostics is focused on licensing next generation radiopharmaceutical technologies from leading academic and industry institutions and applying our developmental and commercialization expertise to deliver them to cancer patients.

We are looking for cutting-edge science to assemble a world-leading molecular imaging and theranostic portfolio focused on addressing unmet medical needs in cancer.

We are a recognized leader and a preferred partner, and we collaborate with world-renowned academic institutions, such as Technical University of Munich (TUM) and Emory University in the United States, including specialists in the field of radiopharmaceutical technologies such as Scintomics GmbH. 


PP-UK-0344 / March 2023


Technical University of Munich.

“We are pleased with the licensing of the rhPSMA technology to Scintomics and onwards to Blue Earth Diagnostics, both teams’ credentials in nuclear medicine and their track record in molecular diagnostics fit together perfectly. We are confident that our ongoing and intensive collaboration will help expedite patient access to this very exciting science.”

DR HANS JÜRGEN WESTER, Professor of Pharmaceutical Radiochemistry
DR MATTHIAS EIBER, Associate Professor, Department of Nuclear Medicine


Saskia Kropf

Blue Earth Diagnostics acquired exclusive, worldwide rights to rhPSMA from Scintomics in 2018 to expand its prostate cancer imaging portfolio.

We are investigating the use of rhPSMA (18F) as a diagnostic imaging agent for prostate cancer in addition to exploring promising therapeutic leads for treatment of the disease.

Saskia Kropf, Chief Executive Officer, Scintomics GmbH says “We chose Blue Earth Diagnostics as a partner as we were impressed by the speed with which the team got its product Axumin to the market. We were confident that with their support and expertise the radiohybrid PSMA product would make it to the market and to patients quickly.”